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Stories of Transformation, Love, and Monsters

A dull AP English assignment interrupted by a 5,000-year-old mummy. A sinister society where love is punishable by death. And a "boy meets boy" time travel tale. UNBOUND's diverse voices explore identity, love, betrayal, and becoming—all linked by the common thread of young people confronting life-altering situations. 

"In his story 'Over Time,' John Klekamp weaves a beguilingly sweet and impactful queer take on The Prince and the Pauper that sees two very different young men from very different times swapping lives and confronting what exactly it means to be gay. Its inclusion in the UNBOUND anthology only strengthens a beautiful, challenging, and mind-dazzling collection!"

-Adam Sass, author of SURRENDER YOUR SONS

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Wicked South
Secrets and Lies

For good or ill—on the page or in life—few things are more alluring than the siren song of a secret. 

At the heart of each story in this genre-crossing collection lies a secret. A boy who is not a boy at all, a neighbor with a mysterious identity, a tortured student with a list that isn't what it seems, a girl who abandoned the person she used to be at the bottom of a river. 

Conflict and possibility are embedded in a secret's very nature... betrayal and conspiracy are encoded in its DNA. Secrets can transform. They can alienate, anger, or inspire. 

One thing is for sure: They make a great story.

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