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Morgan Harte thinks she’s fine. But really, she’s not. She misses her mother terribly. Her father is behaving strangely. Her social life is nonexistent. But with regular visits to the cemetery, she’s coping. Besides, she’ll be graduating high school soon and can leave Gawnt Mills behind.

Finn McGrath has bigger problems. For starters, he’s dead. But he didn’t die quite the way he always thought he did – when the Gawnt Mill collapsed in 1841. And there’s this Breather girl who visits the cemetery – a lot – and he’s about to do something he shouldn’t.

So is Morgan.

Morgan Harte
AKA Morbid Morgan
Morbid Morgue, Morgue
Trying to see her dead mother could kill her.
Jin Stewart
The new kid in town.
Falls for the girl most likely to get him killed.
Finn McGrath
Died August 15, 1841
He may be dead, but Morgan reminds him of what it's like to be alive.
Fiona Walsh
Loves ferrets, dyed hair, peppermint mochas, and fixing up her friends.
Will Dern
Died August 15, 1941
Finn's voice of reason. Too bad his friend doesn't listen.
Bree Renne
AKA Queen Bree
Has a real problem with Morgan, but that's not her real problem.

Illustrations by Anna Shoemaker

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