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A dull AP English assignment interrupted by a 5,000-year-old mummy. A sinister society where love is punishable by death. And a "boy meets boy" time travel tale. UNBOUND's diverse voices explore identity, love, betrayal, and becoming—all linked by the common thread of young people confronting life-altering situations. 

My Story

I started writing in high school, contributing gossipy features to the school paper, chronicling the student dating scene. Honestly, it was just a bald stab at popularity. You know, if you can't date 'em, write about 'em. But the faculty advisor thought my stories were creative. That was all the encouragement I needed. After college, I went to work as a reporter and anchor in cities across the US, writing thousands of stories for the evening news—and even winning a few awards along the way. As thrilling as it occasionally was, it doesn't compare to the thrill I get today, writing stories for young adults.

Praise for Unbound & Over Time

"In his story 'Over Time,' John Klekamp weaves a beguilingly sweet and impactful queer take on The Prince and the Pauper that sees two very different young men from very different times swapping lives and confronting what exactly it means to be gay. Its inclusion in the UNBOUND anthology only strengthens a beautiful, challenging, and mind-dazzling collection!"

-Adam Sass, author of SURRENDER YOUR SONS

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